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  "We came together because of our kids, we stay together because of our community" 
    You can make a difference!
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Scholarship Time!!!
Peace Community Women's League is many things to many people -- but amongst the wonderful social events that our members enjoy throughout the year, the annual Scholarship Dinner is one of the highlights of being a PCWL member.  One of the most important missions of this group of Pearce moms is to continue the tradition of excellence enjoyed by our graduated students by providing scholarships to those brightest, energetic and motivated minds that are ready to adventure into the next step of education.  Through the last eight years since inception, PCWL has given away many thousands of dollars in assistance in the form of various scholarships to deserving Pearce graduates.  We look forward to our upcoming annual Scholarship Dinner with a whole new selection of winners.  Please join us on May 8 for a fun evening of celebration and touching stories from these deserving students and their families!  To make your reservation CLICK HERE.

Also, if you wish to donate to a dinner for a scholarship winner's family member to attend, each $20 donation will entitle one family member's admission -- CLICK HERE --->.  SPONSOR DONATION

Want to Become a Member of PCWL?

Our annual membership recruiting drive has begun!   Is your last child a Pearce High School Senior ready to graduate or will your last child be a Senior at Pearce this coming fall?  Want to stay involved in your community or finally enjoy some time for yourself socializing among women who are former Pearce busy moms?  We want you!!!  Please express your interest to our membership chairperson, Vicki McCoy at or 469-233-0762 today!  We would love to invite you to one of our spring events so you can see how much fun we have now that the kids have run away!!!

Click here to see additional details on membership!

Time to Staff our Organization!!

It Doesn't Happen Without You!

(We are still waiting to hear back from several members to see if they are returning to their current positions.   Please let us know if you haven’t already – Thank you!)


As you all know, one position is full already -- Tomi Morriss -- President!!!


Please reach out to us if you would like details on any of the positions below:

President – Elect -
Assist the President and is very involved with the Scholarship process.

1st VP Programs - Plan our programs.

2nd VP Membership - Coordinates annual membership drive and tracks members.

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th VP Fundraising - Responsible for main fundraiser as well as planning any other activities to raise funds.

Treasurer - Has custody of all PCWL funds, complete banking transactions, provides financial reports at meetings, chairs the budget committee and processes scholarship funds.

Parliamentarian - Advises on Parliamentary procedure, serves as chairman of the revision, procedure and bylaws committee and monitor the service hours of our members.


The Standing Committee Chairs positions are filled by the Board after recommendations are provided by the Nominating Committee:

Communications - responsible for informing members of PCWL activities.

Historian - creates annual scrapbook and works with Communications, Public Relations and Webmaster promoting PCWL activities.

Hospitality - Plans general membership activities as well as procuring location, food and hostesses.

Public Relations - promotes awareness of PCWL's activities and programs including social media.

Social Activities - promotes social activities and maintains activity group reports for the year.

WebMaster - promotes social activities and maintains activity group reports for the year.


New Members - do not be shy of jumping right in!   We are all here to support one another.  This is a good way to meet other members and get to know PCWL better.  And we are all of like continue to support JJ Pearce, area schools and help them be the best they can be while socializing with other PCWL members that we have something in common with since our children have graduated from Pearce!


Returning Members – do not be shy of jumping back in!   We need your expertise!

Most positions only require willingness and enthusiasm.


We do not discriminate…you can nominate yourself or someone else that you think would be good in a position or that you would like to work with.  We will do the rest.  We look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Your Nominating Committee

Tammie Engels – - 214.356.8575

PCWL Ladies Spread Holiday Cheer to Pearce Area Kiddos!!!

PCWL's annual Toy Drive resulted in 35 members donating 121 toys to four Pearce area elementary schools.  Many thanks to our generous members from some very grateful and surprised children! 

Thank you for supporting PCWL during North Texas Giving day 2017!!!

We had 55 donors raise $7,700 to Fund scholarships for JJ Pearce Students!


PCWL had another successful backpack drive this year.  Thanks to all of you, we were able to donate 70 backpacks on Monday, August 14th.   Carolyn Bukhair, Dobie Primary, Greenwood Hills, Northrich, Prestonwood and RISD Academy were very happy to see us!


You made this possible.  You should feel proud!


Special thanks to Liz Kraft for being our second drop-off location and Vicki Barrett, Gail Green, Julie Hamilton and Leslie McFarlane for helping with the delivery to these schools.  


Tammie Engels - Community Chair

As the new PCWL year begins, many of you will be signing up for volunteer opportunities that will take place within an RISD school. Please note that all volunteer activities on RISD campuses will require you to have completed the RISD Background check. This must be done annually, so even if you have completed this form in prior years, you must repeat the process for the current school year.This takes just a few minutes to complete - and you are ready to go! Please follow this link to begin your volunteer season!!

Legacy Scholarship Winners Go Shopping!

Our 2017 Legacy Scholarship winners did their college shopping this morning at the Coit Road Target.  Keurigs and comforters seemed to be popular items this year for the college freshman!  PCWL had eight Legacy scholarship winners this year:  Megan Helling, Hayden Steed, Andrew Ujcich, Madeline Via, Kathleen Parks, Jennifer Delagarza, Edgar Acevedo and Saira Shetty. Shopping helpers included moms and friends of these busy, talented freshmen and several of our PCWL members who have vast knowledge of what a college freshman needs!!!  MORE PHOTOS


The school supply drive was a huge success and supplies were delivered the week of February 13th. Supplies were delivered to Northrich, Greenwood Hills and Prestonwood Elementary Schools.  Everyone was so surprised and excited to receive the supplies.  I have had a lot of people tell me to thank PCWL for all of our support and help for their schools.  Thank you to everyone who participated and purchased items.

Vickie Montgomery
Event Chair

And the Winners Are .......!!

Imagine a room full of youthful energy, nervous anticipation and overwhelming brains, beauty and brawn - and you have the scenario at the 2017 PCWL Scholarship dinner held on May 9!  Thirty five well-deserving students of Pearce High School, North Junior High and Parkhill Junior High attended to receive various scholarships that will give them a little extra assistance in their future educational endeavors.  Also attending were many of their proud parents, educators, school administrators and PCWL members.  It is always a proud and moving couple of hours for our members to hear first hand a short summary of each recipient's accomplishments and talents, as well as listen to a few brief favorite moments of their school years delivered by the individual students.  Best wishes to all of our winners - we are all so proud of you and your families!!!

2012 Jr. High Scholarship North: Katerin Medrano
Parkhill: Eric Aranda
2017 Jr. High Scholarship North: Kimberly Cruz
Parkhill: Fatima Vargas
Legacy Scholarship Megan Helling
Hayden Steed
Andrew Ujcich
Madeline Via
Kathleen Parks
Jennifer Delagarza
Edgar Acevedo
Saira Shetty
AVID Scholarship Eva Caceres
Luiza Odhiambo
Francisco Gallegos
Alexia Merlan
Alex Palafox
Priscilla Culmenaro
Brittany Reese
Determination Scholarship
honoring George McFarlane
Roberto Ramos

Ann Sanders AVID Scholaship   Crystal Funes
Alice Church Memorial
AVID Scholarship
Ariana Almanza
Founder's Scholarship Adam Bronson
Paige Wills
Maia Goldfarb
Leslie Contreras
Sydney Engels
Cathy Scheurer Leadership
Johanna Navarro
Jill Button Service
Claire Whitworth
Brooke Ziegler Caring and
Friendliness Scholarship
Rachel Calame
Rachel Breland Courage and
Strength Scholarship
Nina Baggett
Gregg Larimer Cross Country
and Track Scholarship
Timaj Usman
Fine Arts Scholarship Hope Bruening
Spirit of PCWL Scholarship Denver Baumgartner
Katie Hutchison

A HUGE thank you to our 2017 PCWL Scholarship Committee:  Tomi Morriss, Chair; Lisa Albert, Kim Caston, Rita Cole, Nancy Devine, Tammy Hollowell, Laura Meisel, Sally Field, Stephanie Gonterman, Melinda Cotton, Lisa Faulkner-Dunne, Jennifer Hurst and Lisa Wingate!

PCWL can receive FREE money for our scholarship funds from several generous organizations that we all use on a routine basis:  Tom Thumb, Kroger, Target and Amazon.  Read about these programs Kroger-Tom Thumb Fundraiser w/Target Link and sign up today to participate easily by just shopping at any of these businesses!  If you are like most busy people today and Amazon delivers to your door on a regular basis, you can now use the website Amazon Smile (which is Amazon - just geared to give us money) by clicking on the picture to the right!

Pearce Pom Squad



Earlier this year, PCWL provided a generous donation to the Pearce Pom Squad to purchase performance tops, bows and duffle bags for their performances.  PCWL’s own Deb Tucker, spoke with the Pom Squad’s faculty leader about the squad’s mission and goals.  Here are the excerpts of her communication with Coach Jacklyn Smith:


How many girls are in the squad?  There are 22 members of the Pearce Pom Squad.


What is their mission?  My mission for the Pearce Pom Squad is to provide a dance team, separate from Pacesetters, for JJPHS students.  Pearce is a large campus, therefore there are many students on campus who have not found a group, team, organization to be a part of.  By creating the Pearce Pom Squad, more dance students have been given the opportunity to belong on a team, which is allowing them to continue their dance training and gain performance opportunities.  Another mission of the Pearce Pom Squad is to spread “Pearce Pride” throughout the entire community and feeder pattern, specifically reaching out to the elementary schools not neighboring the high school.


Is the goal to have a pom squad every year?  Pearce Pom Squad will continue for many years to come, hopefully indefinitely.  One of the perks of this organization is the students are earning a semester credit for Fine Arts.  We are hoping all Pearce Pom Squad members either go on to become Pacesetters or continue to serve as members on the Pom Squad, serving as role models for the new members we will gain next year.


What exactly did we buy for them?  With your generous donation, we were able to purchase beautiful performance tops as well as bows that are worn while performing, along with team duffle bags.  The duffle bags are used to carry their workout clothes to and from school.  The members also use their duffle bags when traveling to and from events and performances; they use their bags to carry their poms, cover ups, shoes, etc. 


PCWL extends their very best wishes and congratulations to these lovely young women and their coach for many happy years of Pearce spirit!!!


PCWL Helps Fund Pearce Student Government 


Our newest PCWL philanthropic commitment is helping to fund the new JJ Pearce student government. On June 19 the newly elected JJ Pearce student officers participated in team building exercises at their morning retreat in Parker, TX.


“Our 28 student officers have been elected to serve as the voice of the student body and to propel the necessary changes that will create a more unified Pearce High School. These students were chosen to serve as student government officers based on application essays, teacher recommendations, interviews, and student body voting.


Some of the things our officers will oversee are homecoming, community service projects, school improvement, improving student:teacher and student:student relationships. With this new format we will be able to introduce new projects to JJP and continue to build many of the traditional JJP initiatives.” Sarah Dailey Easterling JJ Pearce Student Government Sponsor


The goal is that this program will filter down to the junior high and elementary schools preparing our students to be our future leaders.