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  "We came together because of our kids, we stay together because of our community" 
    You can make a difference!
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Upcoming May Scholarship Dinner!!!

NOAH's Event Venue , 2251 N. Greenville Ave, Richardson
$20 per person - 6:30 pm

This is what it is all about --- these happy faces receiving the fruits of all of our fundraising efforts throughout the year!  Please make plans to attend this special evening to honor 35 deserving seniors.  
Sponsorship contribution opportunities available to underwrite students and guests attending. Make reservations and pay for your ticket HERE

If you wish to make a $20 donation towards a scholarship recipient's family member dinner, click HERE

Reservations due by May 1

Questions? Contact Tomi Morris

Attention Moms of Current Pearce Juniors and Seniors!

Are you a Senior’s (or Junior’s) Mom, wondering what you will do next year now that your last or only child is graduating?

Have you made great friends while volunteering at the schools and wonder how you can stay in touch?

Do you love helping your community and enjoy social activities?

If you answered “YES” to these questions… Do we have a place for you!!!

The Pearce Community Women’s League was created in 2010 with the intent to allow friends who met during their children’s school days to continue to volunteer and socialize together. Plus, there is the added benefit of making our entire community stronger, and providing us with the opportunity to meet members of our neighborhood who we may not have known previously. Activities include volunteer projects, special interest and social groups, an annual fundraising gala, in addition to a special awards banquet in May, when we host our scholarship recipients and their families.

If you are interested, please contact our membership chairperson, Vicki McCoy for detailed information!   And -- don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook!

Here is a short video highlighting some of PCWL's yearly activities:  PCWL HIGHLIGHTS


       A Successful Pistols & Pearls!

Thank you to all of our membership and guests for helping make our 7th annual Pistols & Pearls Gala a success. A little over 150 people attended this year, including Pearce principals, Mike Evans and Donna Anthony, who commented on how much they appreciate your contributions of time and finances to support the JJ Pearce community. In addition to great live auction items, the new auction category, Grub Grab, was a huge success. We raised approximately $14,000.  Thank you again -- and be thinking of ideas for next year's fundraiser!

Kimberly Kimmell, 2017 Pistols & Pearls Chairperson

Click on the picture below to view the Pistols & Pearls Photos!
Click on the picture to view the 2017 Pistols & Pearls Photos

Here are four remaining opportunities for you to "take a home a prize" and support the Pearce Scholarship funds!  Click HERE for pictures of the following items:

> Moby Dick opera book and CD, value $45 ... yours for $20!
> Leather book/Bible cover, value $25 ... yours for $10!
> Wallet by Squared, value $40 ... yours for $15!
> Kate Spade gold watch, value $325 ... yours for $100!

Please contact Kimberly Kimmell to arrange for payment and collection of the goods.

Click on the picture for Troop Care Photos
New E-Scrapbook Has Arrived!

Take a short break and check out the beautiful e-scrapbook for PCWL's 2015-2016 year created by our talented Cyndy Heimer! 

2015-2016 PCWL E-Scrapbook

Want to Join PCWL?

Interested in joining the fun at PCWL?  Our members are active moms of JJ Pearce Seniors and graduates who love to stay involved in philanthropy and community social activities.  Our annual membership drive begins soon for the PCWL year starting in August  -- so send us an email with your interest!!! 

I'm Interested!

PCWL can receive FREE money for our scholarship funds from several generous organizations that we all use on a routine basis:  Tom Thumb, Kroger, Target and Amazon.  Read about these programs Kroger-Tom Thumb Fundraiser w/Target Link and sign up today to participate easily by just shopping at any of these businesses!  If you are like most busy people today and Amazon delivers to your door on a regular basis, you can now use the website Amazon Smile (which is Amazon - just geared to give us money) by clicking on the picture to the right!

A Successful Toy Drive
Our most heartfelt thanks to the generosity of PCWL members for their time and toys donated to a great cause!  Greenwood Hills Elementary received 105 toys and RISD Academy received 74 toys to be distributed to deserving children for the holidays. 
Pictured with Greenwood Hills staff are PCWL members Karlene Jolly and Catha Goss.  RISD Academy staff members, Jennifer Goldberg and Marsha Hardin are shown with their Santa Stash!  Thank you for the hard work of our Toy Chair Ladies, Susan Lair and Catha Goss! 


As the new PCWL year begins, many of you will be signing up for volunteer opportunities that will take place within an RISD school. Please note that all volunteer activities on RISD campuses will require you to have completed the RISD Background check. This must be done annually, so even if you have completed this form in prior years, you must repeat the process for the current school year.This takes just a few minutes to complete - and you are ready to go! Please follow this link to begin your volunteer season!!


Our North Texas Giving Day liaison and PCWL Member Kimberly Kimmel, said the total donations for PCWL this year was 29 donations for $6000.  This compares to last year's 31 gifts totaling $5229.  Congratulations to our generous members and supporters for an outstanding showing of giving!  WOW!  We extend our most heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to our organization (and to any worthy organization)!  What a difference our combined efforts will make to so many!!! 


How YOU have made a difference:   A note received by us from a school nurse at Prestonwood - "... a little girl that has medical needs and her sister came to get the supply list today and her mom was shocked by the amount of required supplies. We let her pick 2 girlie backpacks donated by PCWL. Mom cried and kissed us both and was so thrilled and grateful!"
It's a busy time of year but somehow many of you managed to take the time to give 75 supply-filled backpacks to our most in-need elementary schools.  Thank you for your time and donations to make it all happen.  A special thanks to Debbie Smith for being a drop-off location for our members.
The principals of the schools that received the backpacks were thrilled with your generosity and thoughtfulness.  You helped them start the year off with a boost of confidence that we are here supporting their efforts to educate the children in our community.  The schools that received our donations were RISD Academy, Dobie, Carolyn Bukhair, Greenwood Hills, Northrich, and Prestonwood.  
Thank you for all the helpers who helped deliver the backpacks as well (Janice Carse, Vicki Barrett, Laura Meisel, Renee Stone, Stephanie Reeves, Kathryn Frish, and Debbie Preston).  We couldn't have done this without all your efforts as it truly takes a village.
Julie Hamilton
Community Service Chair


Legacy Scholarship Winners Go Shopping!
The annual Target shopping trip for Legacy Scholarship Winners took place in July.  Everything from closet organizers to blankets were purchased by our outbound college students to begin their university adventure!  Winners pictured are Giselle T., Daniel D., Livia G., Elizabeth D. (pictured is her twin sister Laura doing the shopping), and Hannah L.  Not pictured are Miriam R. and Allie C.  Thanks to our shopping PCWL moms for their time, enthusiasm and advice - Kim Caston, Lisa Albert, Rita Cole, Lisa Faulkner-Dunne, Cindy Hartley, Renee Stone and Debbie Olschwanger! 
Click on the picture below to check out all of the photos!



Scholarship Dinner 2016!



The culmination of another successful year for PCWL, the always anticipated PCWL Scholarship Dinner was held Monday, May 9 at the Richardson Women’s Club.  A total of thirty-two winners this year from Pearce High School and feeder schools.  Being surrounded by so much youth, energy and hope for their futures is a key part of this evening for all our PCWL members attending.  From the smiling faces to hearing each individual winner’s story written by their teacher and counselors of why they deserve that scholarship, to their heartfelt introduction of themselves at the podium, the night proves to be both touching and magical.  Congratulations to this year’s most talented and most gifted and best wishes to all as they carve their way into adulthood!





Leticia Bartolo

Fabrizio Deza

Alejandra Ortiz

Noel Ramirez

Adrian Reyna

Narda Torres

North Junior High AVID

Maggi Andres

Parkhill Junior High AVID

Ana Berrios

Ted Nathan Herman Music

Aaron Cohen


Emma Conditt

Kendall Goss

Olivia Watson

Emilya Zuty


Michael Clarke


Daniel Cullinane

Allie Cyr

Laura Downey

Livia Goldberg

Hannah Lindahl

Miriam Ruiz

Giselle Torres

Brooke Ziegler Caring & Friendliness

Isabella Fanucci


Jack Ferris

Cathy Scheurer Leadership

Rebecca Francis

Gregg Larimer Cross Country and Track

David Hamilton

Spirit of PCWL

Sayed Mehrdad Hosseini Teshnizi

Jill Button Service

Sami Laner

Rachel Breland Courage & Strength

Elizabeth Martinez

George T. McFarlane Determination

Patricia Pedro

Joel Rosenzweig Drama & Leadership

Sam Snyder

Ann Sanders AVID

Zulema Vidana Salazar


Sarah Wingate


Thank you to our wonderful Scholarship Committee Chair Kathy Cook, and her committee members (Lisa Albert, Kim Caston, Rita Cole, Kathy Davis, Lisa Faulkner-Dunne, Stephanie Gonterman, Amy Gutmann, Sherrie Kubiak, Vicki McCoy, Kim Quirk, Cheryl Ray, Michelle Robertson, Renee Stone and Madie White) for another outstanding selection of recipients and for a wonderful evening!  A big Thank You to all the members who participated in the scholarship process, including fund raising, donations, selection and banquet!



Pearce Pom Squad



Earlier this year, PCWL provided a generous donation to the Pearce Pom Squad to purchase performance tops, bows and duffle bags for their performances.  PCWL’s own Deb Tucker, spoke with the Pom Squad’s faculty leader about the squad’s mission and goals.  Here are the excerpts of her communication with Coach Jacklyn Smith:


How many girls are in the squad?  There are 22 members of the Pearce Pom Squad.


What is their mission?  My mission for the Pearce Pom Squad is to provide a dance team, separate from Pacesetters, for JJPHS students.  Pearce is a large campus, therefore there are many students on campus who have not found a group, team, organization to be a part of.  By creating the Pearce Pom Squad, more dance students have been given the opportunity to belong on a team, which is allowing them to continue their dance training and gain performance opportunities.  Another mission of the Pearce Pom Squad is to spread “Pearce Pride” throughout the entire community and feeder pattern, specifically reaching out to the elementary schools not neighboring the high school.


Is the goal to have a pom squad every year?  Pearce Pom Squad will continue for many years to come, hopefully indefinitely.  One of the perks of this organization is the students are earning a semester credit for Fine Arts.  We are hoping all Pearce Pom Squad members either go on to become Pacesetters or continue to serve as members on the Pom Squad, serving as role models for the new members we will gain next year.


What exactly did we buy for them?  With your generous donation, we were able to purchase beautiful performance tops as well as bows that are worn while performing, along with team duffle bags.  The duffle bags are used to carry their workout clothes to and from school.  The members also use their duffle bags when traveling to and from events and performances; they use their bags to carry their poms, cover ups, shoes, etc. 


PCWL extends their very best wishes and congratulations to these lovely young women and their coach for many happy years of Pearce spirit!!!


Toy Drive Results


Our Toy Drive Chairperson, Tina Larson, reported a wonderful success this year in the PCWL Toy Drive.  She said there were more than $2000 in toys donated!!  Our PCWL members delivered the toys to RISD Academy and to Greenwood Hills Elementary.


RISD Academy put their toy donations into the school "holiday store."  The students earn credits ("Golden Tickets") and may then use the Golden Tickets to buy something for themselves or for a family member.    Keith Forte (the principal) and Maria Etherton (the community liaison) were both very thankful and most appreciative.  Ms. Etherton sent a text message and pictures showing the PCWL-stocked RISD Holiday Store.  She said, "Thank you so much!  Our students will be so excited to shop with their Golden Tickets, thanks to the generosity of the PCWL.  Please know we are so grateful.”


The toys at Greenwood Hills Academy will be distributed to needy students.  Teachers were asked to supply the name(s) of those students, who they felt were in-need of a Christmas/Hanukkah gift.  The counselor will then go through the list and make the final call.  The toys will be sent home in black garbage bags to protect the privacy of the students.


Tina said it was truly humbling to see the generosity of our members and to be part of the delivery process.  So thanks to our amazing PCWL members for their kindness and support toward this year’s Toy Drive!!!!  Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!



Check Out the General Meeting
At Aboca's Italian Grill
Click on the picture below to view
RISD Spirit Run Pictures!


Troop Care News
For several years our member Rita Cole has led the membership in coordinating the assembly and mailing of goodie boxes to be sent to U.S. Troop members who have graduated from Pearce area schools.  This special group of women have met several times a year to bring everything from magazines, snacks, personal care items, etc. to be lovingly packed and shipped, many times with handmade greeting cards from Pearce Area elementary school children. 
Sweet notes of appreciation have been received from many of the Troops through the years, but this one special medal was received by Rita recently from a Pearce graduate, Matt Tolliver, son of our member Catherine Tolliver.  Read below the reason and history of this special honor.
In consideration of contributions enhancing crew morale (PCWL Troop Care), Rita Cole received a commander's challenge coin from LT Matt Tolliver (JJP 2006), Commanding Officer of USCGC MANOWAR. Military challenge coins are personally designed and purchased by unit/squadron commanders, using unique identifying unit logos or symbols, and given to unit members in support of unity, morale, and pride, but they may also be given to others outside the unit in recognition of contributions to the unit success or well-being.
CHALLENGE COIN TRADITIONS: These coins are often exchanged and collected among military members, and there is also a tradition of producing the coin in response to a "challenge" to identify oneself - if the proper coin is produced the challenger must buy the first drink and if not then the challenge buys. This challenge coin tradition is popularly believed to have originated with a WWI fighter squadron whose members each carried a coin with the squadron' s logo in a leather bag around their necks. A pilot in this squadron was able to escape after his capture behind German lines, but he wore civilian clothes and he no longer had any ID. Upon reaching French lines, he was therefore suspected of being a spy or saboteur, and he was only able to escape immediate execution as a saboteur and persuade the French military to verify his identity because they recognized the squadron  insignia on his coin.
To all of our PCWL members, a sincere thank you for your gifts of goodies and assembly time to make these donations possible.  And to Rita Cole, a military wife, our gratitude for keeping this tradition alive and fresh.  We are all humbled that we could make a difference in the spirit of a Troop member!



General Meeting News
Our first General Meeting of the new PCWL year was held on September 21 at the Canyon Creek Country Club.  It was a great opportunity for old and new members alike to meet and discover what exciting opportunities in community service and social gatherings have been planned for the upcoming year.   (Left) Our Treasurer, Vickie Barrett, holds her winnings from this recent gathering. 
Please take a few minutes to make sure you are signed up for Social Interests and Community Service Interests that appeal to you by clicking on this Community Service/Social/Committee Interests.  Signing up does not obligate you in any way -- just a method to include you in communications involving that particular interest group! 
A couple of new interest groups have been added this year - RISD Academy Tutoring and Resource Gallery Walk.  We encourage you to involve yourself in several community service projects and social groups - and try something new if you are a returning member!!!  Great friendships and memories are made every year at these gatherings!  Check out the Event Calendar because there are lots of fun upcoming opportunites - be sure to sign up for events before the sign-up deadlines AND if you have to cancel, it is very important to cancel in a timely manner through the website or let the contact person for the event know that you can't make it!!!! 
Warmest welcome to all and best wishes for a fun and successful fundraising year!!!!



PCWL Helps Fund Pearce Student Government 


Our newest PCWL philanthropic commitment is helping to fund the new JJ Pearce student government. On June 19 the newly elected JJ Pearce student officers participated in team building exercises at their morning retreat in Parker, TX.


“Our 28 student officers have been elected to serve as the voice of the student body and to propel the necessary changes that will create a more unified Pearce High School. These students were chosen to serve as student government officers based on application essays, teacher recommendations, interviews, and student body voting.


Some of the things our officers will oversee are homecoming, community service projects, school improvement, improving student:teacher and student:student relationships. With this new format we will be able to introduce new projects to JJP and continue to build many of the traditional JJP initiatives.” Sarah Dailey Easterling JJ Pearce Student Government Sponsor


The goal is that this program will filter down to the junior high and elementary schools preparing our students to be our future leaders.